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Direct Drive Motors

Conventional servo mechanisms normally need some mechanical components to the power transmission, which do not only limit the achievement and reliability of these systems, but also the operating cost upward drive. Linear motors and Rotative Direct Drive motors will replace from there more and more conventional transmission solutions. From the omission of gear-boxes, belts or spindles a zero backlash system. The increased structural rigidity makes highly dynamic accelerations and a very exact positioning possible.




Synchronous Linear motors  Series L3S
These motors are three-phase synchronous servomotors with the winding distributed in the primary part excited by permanent magnets of the type Nd-Fe-B that are a component of the secondary part of the linear motor.
The type of cooling of primary parts is IC40 (natural cooling by the motor surface), or water cooling IC3W7 with an integrated or additional cooler.
Synchronous linear motors are delivered in three series.
The L3S is the Compact version in the sizes with force of 50 to 16 000 N, thrust speed from 0,01 mm/s to 15 m/s, and module of the active surface width 25 mm. Active width 25-250 mm (size L3S025-L3S250).

Ironless Linear motors Series LNS
Primary parts of these linear motors are characterized by low mass, almost zero attractive forces between primary and secondary parts, high effectiveness and absence of thrust force pulsations. Because of these properties they are convenient for dynamic applications with high demands for thrust speed, acceleration, accuracy and low mass of the drive.
DDR Direct Drive Rotary  Series  C und CH
CARTRIDGE DDR™ direct drive rotary servomotors represent a completely new category of direct drive technology that combines the performance advantages of frameless direct drive motors with the ease of installation of a full-frame motor, and at a significantly reduced price point than conventional direct drive technology.

CE marked and UL listed for global application, CARTRIDGE DDR™ motors feature pre-engineered components, an integrated, factory-aligned high resolution feedback device and a unique bearing-less design that facilitates "mount and run" operation in under than 30 minutes - compared to weeks, or even months, of design and integration time common to existing frameless direct drive systems. CARTRIDGE DDR motors also feature an advanced electromagnetic design that provides up to 50% more torque density than comparably sized conventional servomotors.

Conventional servo systems typically include a number of mechanical transmission components that limit the performance and reliability, and drive up costs of operation of these systems. CARTRIDGE DDR motors eliminate all mechanical transmission parts resulting in:

Frameless Kit Brushless Motors Serie KBM™  
The KBM frameless motor series is our newest direct drive technology. With a wide variety of sizes and torque ranges available, KBM models are engineered to provide the high-performance, long life and simple installation that today’s design engineers demand.

Up to 14 frame sizes and 4 stack lengths per frame
Max rated power 550 (.737) to 20,100 (26.9) W (HP)
Fully encapsulated stator windings
Latching digital hall effect sensors