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The TSP10 Variants with CanBus and Analog Interface are available

Encoder – Resolver

DFS60 Incremental-Encoder
Free programmable Incremental-Encoder
Electrical Interface 5 bis 32V,
TTL/HTL free programmable
Any resolution from1to 65536 Increments is programmable
Electric Isolation between motor and encodershaft
Protection Class IP 65


Advanced technology and high flexibility are the essential features of our incremental and absolute encoders.



DFS60B  with 12mm Hollow shaft and 1,5m cable are available from stock
Miniature Encoder ME22 and AE30
The patented design provides reliable function, high precision and, compared with competitive products, significantly higher mechanical robustness. A wide range of resolutions and hub diameters and the broad range of electronic variables provide nearly unlimited applications for the Miniature Encoders.

Optoelectronic Miniature Encoders ME22 and AE30 are available with different increments and 2-channel, 3-channel and with line driver.

The version AEM30 Multiturn with interface "BISS" is working together with our TSP10 Step-Motor Drive



All feedback systems from different producers are compatible with our motors.

Resolver, Encoder, CamCoder, Absolut shaft encoders Singleturn, Absolut shaft encoders Multiturn