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The TSP10 Variants with CanBus and Analog Interface are available

Planetary Gears

Series PLN
M   =   27...1800 Nm
i = 3...100
Precision < 5 arcmin


Planetary gears are used in high-precision applications of the drive technology where a high torque to volume ratio and a reduced gear clearance are required.
Our standard gears are of German origin and of continuously high quality.
There is available practically the suitable gear for any application.


For Standardapplications:

Series WPLE
M  =   6...800 Nm
i = 3...512
Precision < 36 arcmin
Series WPLN
M  =    27...1800 Nm
i = 4...100
Precision < 7 arcmin
For absolute accuracy
Series PLE
M  =   6...800 Nm
i = 3...512
Precision < 30 arcmin
Planety Gearsheads from Micron
Thomson Micron® planetary gearheads are used on high precision motion control applications which require a high torque to volume ratio, high torsional stiffness, and low backlash. All of our gearheads are self-lubricating and have high radial load capacity for any given size. The ability to match inertias with our large variety of ratios, provide to keep our customers stable and controlled servo systems.
Frame Sizes: 40...160 mm 60...220 mm 60...220 mm
Torque Capacity: up to 876Nm up to 3300Nm up to 2969Nm
Ratio Availability: i = 3 ... 100 i = 4 ... 100 i = 4 ... 100
Precision: < 4 arcmin < 4 arcmin < 4 arcmin
stainless steel Planetary Gears

AquaTRUE for special demands

No external seams
300 Series Stainless Steel
IP66/IP67 input/output protection
IP69K input/output protection
NSF/ANSI 169 certification
Corrosion resistance
High pressure washdown
Silicone gasket motor seal