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The TSP10 Variants with CanBus and Analog Interface are available

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Step motor technology and much more...

You intend to market a new generation of machinery.
Of course it shall produce faster, be more user friendly and still save money?
The big manufacturers of drive components, such as motors and controls, do not support you sufficiently in your requests, as most unfortunately your production figures are too small, or are you dealing with specialized machines where quantity is not the key figure?

Here we enter the scenario as our target customers are small and medium sized manufacturers of machinery for whom we find the technically best solution and offer them the suitable products.

You even require changes or mount-ons to the motors for small series?
No problem – we can modify the motors in our workshop in different ways according to your requirements.

You are looking for old or even discontinued motors and drive components or you want to update your actual machinery - we will help you in Retrofitting. We will find for you the most recent motors and assemble them together with the actual transmitter, brake and mechanical components in order that your applications also will be competitive in future.

It is our goal to comply with the requirements and expectations you have with regard to your commercial partners by a customer centered, flexible and solution oriented work. In this respect we are focused on the technical assistance at your drive tasks, from your first draft till the successful delivery of your machines.
Therefore a smooth handling, domestically and abroad, is a matter of course.

The time has come to increase the quality and productivity of your products.
With our know-how on applications and selected products we will help you in choosing the suitable drive technology for your machine.

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You will find in our program hybrid step motors, mainly of the Kollmorgen company, in particular the new series Cool Torque, the motors of the series  POWERMAX II® and POWERPAC™, and the high-power step motors of the series Serie KML of Superior Electric.

The corresponding step motor controls of Danaher Motion, e.g. DSM9-PB-01 with  Profibus Port or the proven 6410-001-C-N-K with cycle and direction of rotation control, are only a small selection from our offer.

In the servo drive technology we concentrate mainly on the servo-motors of the series AKM and DBL of Kollmorgen. From their program we offer you the Servostar family, with the most recent member, the S700 with safety function, and the servo amplifier AKD with Ethernet based communication.

Do you know synchronous motors? These motors are phase-shifter operated directly from the 230V mains and can rotate at constant speeds of 60 rpm or 72 rpm, and this without drive amplifier.
The synchronous motors of Superior Electric are also available as ATEX versions.

You will find in our program components of the brands of Kollmorgen, Danaher Motion, Thomson, Callan Technology, Ametek, Portescap, Pac Sci, SLO-SYN, Tollo, Neff, Vues, VSM,  MAE and the „Bautz-Motoren“ well-known to experts.

As mount-on parts for our motors we offer the most recent generation of transmitters adaptable to any resolution, gears of most recent design for nearly any reduction, reinforced holding brakes, terminal boxes, EMC cables and sturdy plugs.
We get them exclusively directly from renowned manufacturers such as Neugart, Hengstler, Sick Stegmann, Intercontec, Lapp Kabel or Lenze.

We offer the service you always have missed.