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The TSP10 Variants with CanBus and Analog Interface are available


Why always replace at once the whole machine and so cause perhaps the placement of orders with a competitor?
Will it not be better to replace only some targeted components and to update the machine at low expenditure?
To convert existing equipment by modern components and thereby improve and lengthen the lifetime of your machinery – that is what retrofitting means to us.

We have made fit e.g. the DC motors of Brands Eduard Bautz GmbH by means of new components for future use.



Likewise we are handling the hybrid step motors and step motor controls of the companys Eduard Bautz GmbH, Phytron Elektronik, Superior Electric  SLO-SYN and Pacific Scientific (Pac Sci) and are in a position to replace these partly discontinued products by new series with improved options.
DC new#
We still may supply to you the Servo-Amplifiers of the Series SCE900, DSK12 and PC800 and of course also repair them. However, also we would like to integrate the actual components of Messrs. Kollmorgen into your equipment.
Please give us as many information on your articles as you can, then we will be able to offer you a quick replacement.

As mount-on parts for our motors we offer the most recent generation of encoders adaptable to any resolution, gears of most recent design for nearly any reduction, holding brakes, terminal boxes, EMC cables and sturdy plugs.
We get them directly from renowned manufacturers such as Neugart, Hengstler, Sick Stegmann, Intercontec, Lapp Kabel or Lenze.
You are looking for old, even discontinued drive components or want to update your existing machinery – we will help you with retrofitting. We will find for you the most recent motors and will mount  the actual encoder, gear, brake and mechanical components to them in order that your applications also will be competitive in future.

Please ask for technical documentation or proposals on replacement designs at:

We offer the service you always have missed.

We are able to offer the Series E500, E600 und E700 (E586MGB, E586MGC, E588A-MGC, E589MGC, E642A-MGB-K, E642B-MGB-K, E644A-MGB-K, E644B-MGB-K, E726MGC and E728MGC) in the old and in the new design