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The TSP10 Variants with CanBus and Analog Interface are available

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Advanced Kollmorgen Drives™  -  AKD
Kollmorgen AKD™ Series is a complete range of Ethernet-based Servo Drives that are fast, feature-rich, flexible and integrate quickly and easily into any application. AKD ensures plug-and-play commissioning for instant, seamless access to everything in your machine. And, no matter what your application demands, AKD offers industry-leading servo performance, communication options, and power levels, all in a smaller footprint.


Kollmorgen has a complete set of drives which offer advanced control technology along with compact packaging and simplified commissioning. Choose from a broad selection of AC servo, DC servo, adjustable speed, stepper, and OEM/custom drive products, all with models available covering a wide range of input voltage and output power level.


Safety on Board
Series SERVOSTAR – S700
With its new S700 servo amplifier, Kollmorgen is now able to offer a product that is definitely up to
these challenges. The S700,  is a fully digital servo amplifier with extended functionality that
is ideal for complex drive tasks.
In light of the fact that a growing number of engineers are moving towards Ethernet based communications such as EtherCAT and SynqNet
Kollmorgen has geared the S700 to the future by integrated an Ethernet connection into the new drive. The S700’s onboard interface means that customers no longer have to rely on additional expansion cards for this kind of compatibility.
The all-rounder for low intensities
Serie SERVOSTAR – S300
CE, UL, cUL, Gost R Certificate
Operation directly from grounded
115 to 480V, 3-phase, 50-60hz AC lines
Output current 1.5 to 10A rms/phase, continuous
With integral AC line filter,
all shield connections terminate directly to the amplifier
DC-link circuits can be connected in parallel
Fully programmable via RS232 interface
Setup from a PC via Kollmorgen setup software
230V type suitable for 200mm switchgear cabinets
Interface integrated for stepper controllers,
master-slave operation and electronic gearing

CANopen Bus integrated
Ethercat Bus expansion card
PROFIBUS Bus expansion card

Less recent series for which we also can offer you our support: 
sv 3000
Kollmorgen / Servotronix Servostar CD SERIES 5   ServoStar-Download
Seidel / Kollmorgen Servostar 200 / S200 Link
Seidel / Kollmorgen Servostar 400 / S400 Link
Seidel / Kollmorgen Servostar 600 / S600 Link
PC800 Pacific Scientific PC800 – PC834-001-N PC800-Download
BAUTZ  SCE900 – SCE904AN-002-01 – SCE906A2-002-01 SCE900-Download
BAUTZ  MSK12-10-ES2-AA – MSK06-10-000-AB                   MSK-Download
BAUTZ               DSK12-C8-000-AA – DSK10-C7-ES2-QA  DSK-Download
Four current ratings to choice from
115/230/480VAC models
Up to 16kw of output power capacity
Variety of communication options
Serie SERVOSTAR – S700 – Safety-Funktion
SAFETY expansion card with SIL2 or SIL3 safety functions like SDI, SLS, SS1, SS2, SBC etc.
CE, UL, GOST-R, TÜV safety tested
Operation directly from grounded 110 to 480 VAC,
1 or 3-phase, 50 to 60 Hz lines
Models with maximum continuous output current from
1.5 to 72A rms/phase
EtherCATand CANopen bus communication onboard
Slot for Memory Card which provides backup for
parameters and firmware 
Optimized resolver interface
Cogging suppression
Servo Accessories

KCM: New energy saving module

KCM modules (KOLLMORGEN capacitor modules) absorb kinetic energy generated by the motor when it is operating in generator mode. Normally, this energy is dissipated as waste via brake resistors. KCM modules, however, feed the energy they have stored back into the intermediate circuit as and when it is required. The modules are available in 3 different versions.


Saves energy: The energy stored in the capacitor module during regenerative braking is available the next time acceleration happens. The module's inception voltage is calculated automatically during the first load cycles.

Power in spite of power failure: If the power supply fails, the module provides the servo amplifier with the stored energy that is required to bring the drive to a standstill in a controlled manner (this only applies to the power supply voltage; battery-back the 24 V supply separately).

Expansion module for both applications. Expansion modules are available in two capacitance classes. The modules can be combined as required.
CDHD Servo Drive Family

CDHD, the next-generation high performance

servo drive, features hardware and software
design innovations that deliver superior
servo performance, industry-leading power density,
and extensive versatility, at a competitive price.