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The TSP10 Variants with CanBus and Analog Interface are available

Step Motors

NEMA 17 (Ø 42mm) - 0,30 Nm – 0,56 Nm
NEMA 23 (Ø 57mm) - 0,71 Nm – 3,32 Nm   
NEMA 34 (Ø 85mm) - 4,00 Nm – 13,6 Nm


Our  2-Phase Hybrid Step motors hybrid steppers provide an excellent torque to frame size ratio.
Optimized magnetic in combination with the rotor/stator design produce more torque and a higher acceleration.
They are available in different frame sizes of Nema 17, Nema 23, Nema 34 and Nema 42 and
different  stack lengths and have Holding torques from 0,3 Nm up to 40,23 Nm.


Series CP und CM CoolTorque Performance und CoolTorque Maximum 1,8°

CP /CM series motors incorporate innovative cooling technology, high torque magnetic designs, rugged bearings, and high voltage insulation systems. These features provide high torque motors, which support large mechanical loads, and can be used with all drives.
High Torque Magnetic Design.  Large rotor diameter, small air gap high energy magnets and computer controlled winding provide maximum torque in the smallest size.
Cooling Shell:  Aluminum shell and aluminum end-caps quickly remove heat from the motor.  This allows for higher current and torque ratings, especially when the motor is mounted.  CP / CM motors produce the same torque at lower temperature for longer life.
Large Bearing System: To accommodate high thrust loads and high side loading, CP / CM Series motors feature large bearings
High Voltage Insulation:  Inset molded insulation system encases the stator, eliminating joints and gaps that can fail.  Reliability and voltage ratings are increased
CP / CM Series motors can be used with all standard drives, as well as high voltage high performance drives. The motors have UL an CE mark

Isn’t it Cool?
Hazardous Duty 90mm and 110mm Frame

Series MX9 and MX11 
Holding torques from 1,27Nm to 9,81Nm
Up to 200% rated torque reserve capacity
Insulation Class F
UL Class 1 Group D requirements  

POWERPAC™  (Nema34 und 42)
Stepper motors size NEMA 34 and Nema 42
In standard or SIGMAX® design for
applications with high torque yield .
Optionally available with Terminal-box and
Protection Class IP65
Available with Holding torques
from 4,5 Nm up to 39,7 Nm
CE compliant, UL recognition

POWERMAX II®  (Nema23)
Stepper motors size NEMA 23 in
standard or
SIGMAX® design with
excellent efficiency for applications which require high speed for high start and stop frequencies. Optionally available with
low inertia rotor
Available with
Holding torques
0,4 Nm up to 1,6 Nm

powerpac powerpac powermax

Less recent series for which we also can offer you our support:

Pacific Scientific E- und H - 802-D und 21-… Serie-PacSci-E-H-Download
Superior Electric - SLO-SYN M06, M09, M11 Superior-Step-Download
MAE – Bautz HY200 HY200-Download
In our workshop we offer you the subsequent assembly of encoders, gears, brakes and many other components
We will be glad to perform changes which are not done directly by the factory in our workshop.
Encoders, brakes, connectors, cable or gear boxes are optionally available.
Series POWERMAX II  and POWERPACTM   from Kollmorgen - Pacific Scientific                          
High Performance Step Motors
Step motors size NEMA 23, Nema 34 and Nema 42 in standard or
SIGMAX® design
Stepper motors equipped with additional magnets in the stator slots for additional torque increase at identical motor size are optionally available
This unique design also features low detent torque for smoother micro stepping
Encoders, brakes or gear boxes are optionally available.

Standard Step Motors

Series MAE-Ametek

2-phase Hybrid Step-Motors Nema 17, 23, 34 and 42
compact design, for nearly all applications
Available with Holding torques from 8,7 Ncm up to 14,25 Nm
This cost-effective Series is produced in Europe under high
quality standards.
Motors are manufactured according to EN 60034-1:1995-02
and have CE mark
High Torque Series T2 (Nema 23)
Pacific Scientific

T2 Series Step Motors are available with open leads or a terminal box and are excellent alternatives to pneumatic, hydraulic, and servo motor systems.
Holding torques from 0,52Nm to 2,68Nm
CE compliant, UL recognition

Integrated Stepper Motors StepIM
The Integrated Stepper Motors provide an effective and economical solution for applications that require the performance of a servo motor at the low cost of a stepper motor.

S23C / S34C-Download
Stepper Motor Linear Actuator ‐ Motorized Lead Screws 

Precision engineered to be compact, powerful, quiet and efficient
Our Motorized Lead Screws from Thomson combine a   hybrid stepper motor and a Precision lead screw together   in one compact envelope. Taper‐Lock Technology allows quick    decoupling and secure, properly aligned connections.   This combination offers several advantages over a traditional solution.
Thomson Motorized Lead Screws come in two basic configurations   rotating screw (S) and rotating nut (N).

Applications for Rotating Screw Applications (S) Applications for Rotating Nut Applications (N) 
• Medical devices • Fluid/syringe pumps
• X‐Y stages • HVAC control valves
• 3D printers • Pipetting devices
  • CNCs
Lead Screws-Download

SL1x-Download      SL2x-Download      SL3x-Download      HL2x-Download     HL3x-Download

Encoders, brakes or gear boxes are optionally available.