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The TSP10 Variants with CanBus and Analog Interface are available



These motors offer substantial advantages in applications needing their unique capabilities. Our Synchronous motors from Superior Electric, Kollmorgen and Ametek are high pole count motors that naturally turn at slower speeds (72 or 60rpm). They only need a resistor – capacitor (RC) network to operate from single-phase AC utility power, some directly from three-phase power.
Fast starting, stopping and reversing
Can be stalled indefinitely without overheating


Synchronous motors Series SY6
In NEMA 34
Torque from
0,95 Nm up to 3,2 Nm
60RPM @ 50Hz - 240VAC
Example part number: SY61-003-00302
Motor with 1,4Nm, 0,3A and rear shaft extension



Series SS240, SS450
Single Phase
90mm Frame Size
Torque: 1,69 Nm ; 3,18 Nm
72RPM @ 60Hz  -  120VAC / 240VAC
60RPM @ 50Hz  -  240VAC

Series X und XCE for Hazardous Duty Applications

Torque from 1,77 Nm up to 10,59 Nm
72RPM @ 60Hz  -  120VAC / 240VAC
60RPM @ 50Hz  -  240VAC
XCE: CE certified versions  -  EExIIC  T5
X: UL Listed versions  - Class 1 Group D


Series SS240, SS450

Three Phase
operates directly from three-phase power
90mm Frame Size
1,77 Nm ; 3,35 Nm
72 RPM @ 60 Hz;  208 - 240VAC
60 RPM, @ 50 Hz  208 - 240VAC


Serie KSX

High Torque 
60mm, 90mm and 110mm Frame Size
Torque from 
0,49 Nm up to 10,59 Nm
72RPM @ 60Hz  -  120VAC / 240VAC
60RPM @ 50Hz  -  240VACLeaded or terminal box Connection


We can also deliver the phase-shifting components (R-C combination)
For this old series we can still provide support:

Superior SS C4001-Download
Pacific Scientific SN SN-Powersync-Download
AMETEK SY60 SY60-Download