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AHS Antriebstechnik

Step motor technology and much more...

You intend to market a new generation of machinery.
The big manufacturers of drive components, such as motors and actuators, do not support you sufficiently in your requests. Your production figures are too small or are you dealing with specialized machines?
Our target customers are small and medium sized manufacturers of machinery for whom we find the technically best solution and offer them the suitable products.
You even require changes or fittings to the motors for small series?
No problem – we can modify the motors in our workshop in different ways according to your requirements.
With our expertise on applications and selected products, we will help you in choosing the suitable drive technology for your machine.

Please contact us under: info(at) or call us +49 (0) 6157 - 9866110

We have developed a stepper motor control TSP10 for connecting various fieldbuses in-house and have they manufactured in Germany. Matching our 2-phase hybrid stepper motors of sizes Nema 17, Nema 23 and Nema 34 and Nema 42 with holding torques of 0.3Nm up to 40Nm.
Our Advanced Hybrid Stepper Systems are versatile applicable.

We offer the service you always have missed.






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